DG (Divya Garbha)

Divya Garbha is an Omnio future centre in Gurugram (Gurgaon). It is a unique centre for imparting education to unborn babies during prenatal and preconception (planning) period too. It also prepares parents to invite the baby with love and empowers them to bond with the baby even before it is born.
This is done through a well-prepared set of activities using our ancient Indian wisdom, finely blended with modern science.
This centre is being started by Dr Deepti Goyal who is a practicing obstetrician and gynaecologist in Gurugram (Gurgaon).
Our vision is to impress upon the world that babies are the key to the future of the world and so the requirement for a healthy and peaceful future is the need to ensure babies are mentally and physically healthy. Just a simple shift of consciousness from considering the babies as unaware, incapable of hearing or understanding anything and having no emotions to considering them as multi dimensionally aware, intelligent individuals capable of absorbing all intentional or unintentional inputs from parents, people around, community, society and from the universe. This would make this world a beautiful place, by bringing to this world virtuous and empowered individuals, through responsible parents.


It is an organization which simply empowers parents. It is a group of parents who’ve decided to come together to empower other parents and themselves. The process took three to four years of spiritual and scientific understanding to reach a solution in the form of packages which are designed using input from ancient Indian spiritual wisdom from Shivnetra lineage and modern sciences regarding recent discoveries in the field of birth phycology as well. www.omniofuture.com


It has been well established by scientific experimentation that learning begins even before conception. The consciousness exists even before conception birthpsychology.com
Our ancient Indian scriptures described this knowledge in detail 5000 years back. Our seers had this understanding and designed guidelines for common people to follow while planning to conceive a baby; and during pregnancy.


Parents are empowered by conveying them knowledge about their role as a parent and giving them tools to educate their children for a healthy, peaceful and fulfilling life., in the form of free campaigns and meticulously designed knowledge based packages.